Natalia Łowicka – portrait, beauty, fashion photographyNatalia Łowicka Portraits Fotografia Portretowa Białystok Warszawa

I specialize mainly in portraits, creative and stylized photography. Beauty photography is one of my favorite genres, where, in cooperation with my amazing models and stylists, I can create really unique art. Characters represented in my photographs often come from the worlds more colorful, dramatic and whimsical than our own. They are strong, mysterious, feminine, unusual and charming. Years of experience and my artistic education guarantees results meeting high expectations of demanding clients. I’m an instructor of digital retouch. I focus on quality, precision, and uniqueness.

At the same time, I love to work with everyday women, watching how they flourish and build their confidence in the front of my lens. Besides photography I run a healthy lifestyle, I’m dietitian and psycho-dietitian, diet-coach. My new project, which combines health topic with empowering feminine portrait photography, is going to start at the beginning of 2018.

I come from Białystok, Poland. I am working mainly in Podlasie, Warsaw and throughout the whole country. From July to November I am going to be available in Italy.

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